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Fennux News

Posted at 5:58 am on October 27, 2012 by Fennux


If you Pre-Order a Gold or Platinum Starter Pack – you will receive 1 randomly selected Limited Edition Fennux Starter Den at launch. This doubles if you Pre-Order a Diamond Starter Pack – you will receive 2 randomly selected Limited Edition Fennux Starter Dens at launch!


This offer is only valid to pre-order customers only. You can pre-order as many of the 3 participating packs (Gold, Platinum and Diamond) that you desire. For example, if you pre-order 10x Diamond Packs, you will receive 20x LE dens at launch. If you pre-order 5x Gold Packs, you will receive 5x LE Dens at launch. There is no limit to how many times you can pre-order on our end. If you Pre-Order 3 packs it’s possible to get one-of-each, but it’s also possible to get 3 of the same. (This is similar to our odds of getting a Male/Female Den)


Limited Edition Fennux Will Not Pass Their Coat On To Offspring!

This is very important that you understand that the coats will not pass to offspring.Think of Limited Edition Fennux as regular starter dens that have their textures overridden to look like an LE Coat instead of a regular looking Fennux. For example, it’s possible your LE Fennux is secretly an Amazon, adding even more wonder to the LE Dens.


Limited Edition Fennux Do Have The Ability To Pass Their Eyes On To Offspring!

Again, very important – the eyes on these dens are Limited Edition, and will only be available to these 3 different fennux. It is possible however to pass the eyes on to offspring of these LE Fennux. :)


Limited Edition Fennux Have A Chance At Having Tier 1 Ears, Tails and Hairs!

This means the actual coat will have a chance at having a trait. The odds are slim, but the odds do exist! This also means the LE Fennux can pass on the Tier 1 traits to offspring. Again, only the trait can pass – not the LE coats.


“Will these be made available to the public ever again?”

These coats will be permanently retired after Pre-Orders end. Here’s a hint, Pre-Orders will be ending VERY SOON. We are prepping to move into Public Beta instead of doing a “Phase 3 Private Beta”, which means we are moving faster than we had expected due to all of the support from our private beta testers. Team Fennux wants to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our beta testers, you folks rock. Hopefully we can figure out a way to reward you after launch and all of the dust settles.


Thanks for reading,

-Team Fennux


Posted at 4:38 pm on October 15, 2012 by Fennux


Team Fennux is sponsoring the “Cinema” event on Second Life. Tons of SL’s top creators are participating! If you would like to know more, your best bet is to either show up or look around Flickr and/or Plurk to see all of the commotion.



If you make it to the event (it’s almost always packed full of residents, so keep that in mind), you will find that by wearing “The Fennux” group tag and clicking a sign that you will receive a Fennux 3D Polar Grabber! This is a limited time free offer to any and all group members.



Before you go, please make sure to remove all laggy items. Scripted hair, shoes, animation over-riders, etc. need to stay home, otherwise you will not be able to pass through the anti-lag gateways, and of course you’ll just be laggy and obnoxious to other residents trying to shop. :)


So that’s that – make sure to get on over to the Cinema event sometime, it last for a while so if you can’t get in right away – don’t fret – just wait a day or two or three and you will eventually get your FREE Fennux 3D Polar Grabber.


(Note: Please do not IM any of our team members regarding not being able to get in on the sim, if you can’t – you can’t, we have no control over this event, we are merely participating. As I said before, this event will last long enough for each and every group member to get a grabber, just be patient. Thanks!)


-Team Fennux

Posted at 7:20 am on October 10, 2012 by Fennux


It is October 10th and Private Beta Phase 2 is being rolled out to the Fennux Community! Please read carefully so you can learn how to get your Private Beta Phase 2 – Fennux Crate.


Step 1.) Go to Past Group Notices for “The Fennux” group.

Step 2.) Find the notice that states “Fennux Private Beta – Phase 2″.

Step 3.) Click the “Save Attachment” button for the object that was attached.

Step 4.) Rez the object on your land.

Step 5.) Click the object – this will start the timer countdown and create your “My Fennux” account.

Step 6.) Wait patiently for the timer to reach zero.


After these 6 easy steps, your Fennux Private Beta Phase 2 Crate will be queued for delivery. Once you get the request, ACCEPT IT (do not discard it), then rez the crate on your land. If you need help with your crate watch this video to learn exactly how to unpack your crate. DO NOT RIGHT-CLICK AND OPEN YOUR CRATE, DO NOT COPY IT TO INVENTORY. You must rez the crate, click the crate, and press “Open Lid”, following all of the menu prompts.


And that’s that! For those of you who want to see what all is new in Phase 2, please view the change log here: Fennux Private Beta Phase 2 – Change Log


Thank you for reading, if you have any issue in Private Beta – make sure to use our Ticket System. When you rez out your delivery queue object it will automatically create your Fennux Account on the website (currently only used for our ticket system). Simply copy the password it generates for you and login to the website with it. Make sure to save your password until we add the ability to “change password” on the site.


-Team Fennux

Posted at 5:40 pm on October 9, 2012 by Fennux


Team Fennux is one of the 6 main sponsors at the Breedables Fright Night Expo!




Whenever you can try to Teleport in and check out the Fennux Display at the expo. We are giving away a Halloween Edition Fennux Grabber if you manage to click the Jack-o-Lantern and it states “Treat” vs. “Trick”. If the message pops up as “Trick” after clicking, you’ll merely get a shadowy trick grabber, but check back in after 2 hours to try again! :)


The sim is getting really busy over there, so expect it to take a while to get in. This event lasts from the 9th until the 14th so you’ll have plenty of time to get your Halloween Grabbers.


Thanks for reading,

-Team Fennux

Posted at 1:45 am on October 9, 2012 by Fennux

Hey everyone!


We have had an amazing turn out in Private Beta Phase 1. We got tons of feedback, and managed to patch bugs and implement requested features for Private Beta Phase 2 which will be happening shortly.


It is now the official ending of Beta Phase 1. We are pushing the command to delete most of the beta items (Fennux, homes, dens, food, recipes, etc). If anything is not auto deleted after 20 minutes or so, feel free to delete it manually – we don’t want any phase1 stuff interfering with phase2.


We have decided to also delete recipes so we can properly gauge the usage of Private Beta, else our analysis of Private Beta will be skewed when everyone decides to craft all of their Fennux within minutes of receiving their new crates.


EXPECT BETA PHASE 2 CRATES TO BE SENT OUT TO YOU IN ABOUT 24 HOURS. We will be sending out a prim via Group Notice, rez it on your land as soon as you receive it, and follow the hovertext instructions so you can click and receive the newest beta crate for Phase 2. This way we won’t crash any of our sponsor sims, or our main sim again. :)


Thanks for reading, stay tuned… again we will be sending out new crates in about 24 hours from this post.


-Team Fennux

Posted at 8:12 pm on October 2, 2012 by Fennux

For those of you who are ready to start Crafting but don’t know exactly how to go about doing this, please check out our Official Fennux Crafting Video Tutorial on YouTube:


If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask our amazing community members in our “The Fennux” Group Chat in-world on Second Life. :)


Thank you for reading,

-Team Fennux

Posted at 11:31 am on September 29, 2012 by Fennux

Hey everyone!


So we fixed all of our database issues, everything is running smoothly. We also made a new HUD update (V1.6 Beta) so make sure to check our past group notices to grab it, otherwise your HUD (1.5) will not work. We also updated the Crafting Machines to be working fine as well. They will sometimes make your Fennux rez above the machine 10 meters, but that’s it, just move them back down. Also make sure you are not wearing any Fennux while attempting crafting as the worn Fennux can interefere with the identification of rezzed Fennux :)


If anyone has still not received their Private Beta pack, send Daemon Blackflag an IM. Please do not IM Daemon for any bug issue, or suggestions, etc – please wait for our Support Ticket System to be live to submit these problems. You can ask questions in the group chat (The Fennux) and will easily get an answer from our amazingly helpful community! :)


Thanks to everyone for helping find bugs, give suggestions, etc!

-Team Fennux

Posted at 9:28 am on September 28, 2012 by Fennux

Hey everyone!


Looks like most everybody has received their Private Beta packs (that were supposed to receive them), if anyone else has not received them please get in touch with Daemon Blackflag in-world and he will make sure you get taken care of ASAP.


We will be posting more guides / tutorials / etc regarding how to take care of your wonderful little Fennux pets soon, we are also going to be adding a Support Desk System that is linked directly to your avatar. We will be posting news on that soon as well.


Thanks for everything, it appears most users are having a great experience in beta, and we hope for this to continue as we start integrating some of the most requested features that users are requesting in beta.


Happy Fennuxing,

-Team Fennux

Posted at 2:56 pm on September 27, 2012 by Fennux

Okay so, everyone please stay off the Fennux Sim for a while – it just crashed hard core…


We will handle all of these failed deliveries in a timely manner, people kept clicking the terminals over and over again, some a few dozen times, it actually just slowed things down even further. By the time we added additional delivery servers a lot of people had missed out on their private beta packs.


Don’t worry, we have a list of everyone who has received, hasn’t received, who is queued to received, etc.


We will not rest until every pre-order customers has had the opportunity to get their Private Beta Pack! :)


Thanks for hanging in there,

-Team Fennux

Posted at 4:43 am on September 26, 2012 by Fennux


We are starting Private Beta on September 27, 2012 (SLT – but at an unknown time).


Yes, you heard me correct – Team Fennux has an official date for Private Beta, and it’s roughly 24 hours away.


We ask that you do NOT camp out the Fennux sim the entire time, as we are still finalizing a few things – and need to be able to access the sim, haha. If we have to – we will shut down the sim for a while prior to the start of Private Beta.



We will give every user one private beta starter pack, this will include “3 Fennux Homes”, “1 Big Dish of Food”, “20 Fennux Dens”, a “Fennux HUD”, and a “Fennux Hydrater”



We will be putting Beta Fennux Delivery Terminals all around Second Life. You will merely walk up to a terminal, touch it, and follow the on-screen instructions to get your beta starter pack.



The first phase of Private Beta is isolated to Breeding and Crafting. We will have in-depth guides on the Fennux Website shortly so you will be able to get started with ease. Dueling will be released in the second phase of Private Beta, again to keep testing isolated. So check the news feed often to see when we’ve added these guides. :)



We are giving out 3 homes initially which is enough for 24 Live Fennux to be on your sim. This would mean you’d need roughly 288 prims for all 24 to be breeding properly, plus another 3 prims total for the homes, and 1 prim for the food – totaling at 292 prims. The beta starter pack is 8 prims but you don’t need to keep that around after you rez out the homes, dens and food (and grab the HUD/Hydrater).



Fennux are required to be fed, that’s obvious – but they also LIKE to be kept hydrated. The hydrater is a free handheld device that sprays your Fennux with a stream of unlimited water-like substance that is imbued with magical properties. All you have to do is “wear” or “add” the Fennux Hydrater to your avatar, then click on a Fennux you are standing near. By spraying your Fennux at least 2 times within a 5 day breeding cycle – you increase your odds at bettering your Fennux offspring.  You have to wait at least 24 hours between each hydration spray, but you only have to spray a Fennux 2 times in a 5 day period to obtain the slight breeding bonus.This is not a requirement, Fennux do perfectly fine without being hydrated, but if you are patient – you will reap the rewards. :)


Why do we have Hydration in the first place? It allows the more dedicated of users to interact with their Fennux at least a couple times per breeding cycle, rewarding them with a slight chance at better Fennux for their efforts. If for some reason spraying your Fennux 2 times per 5 days is too much for you, we will have “Hydrated Fennux Homes” that keep your Fennux hydrated for you without spraying them. These are one-time fee homes, that cost a bit more than the regular homes.


Again, in-depth guides like the above will be distributed to users before beta starts, so it’ll be very easy to jump in and start enjoying your Beta Fennux. :)



Nope, we will be forcing all Fennux to delete after beta. Even if you stick it in your inventory for a year or two, try to take it out later when Team Fennux will “least expect it”, those too will auto delete. :)



After Beta. We have to get through Private Beta, Public Beta, wait a few days… release to our pre-order customers… and then finally release to all of Second Life. So I hate to say it but, soon! We are at the point of Private Beta so it’s not going to be much longer of a wait. :)


Thanks for reading everyone, we look forward to handing out Private Beta!

-Team Fennux

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