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Perks of Mixed Breeding

Posted at 2:23 am on September 30, 2014 by Fennux

Hey everyone,


For the longest time people have been more-or-less pushed into the world of “pure breeding”. The main reason behind this has to do with “uptiering” (going from T4 to T5), as everyone wants to get the newest Fennux coats. So we decided to implement a couple of perks to make it so pure breeding was not the “only way to breed”.


The first fact I’d like to point out is that pure breeding has not been touched, it still works exactly as you expect it to. A lot of people like doing it because it can guarantee your breeding outcomes to be exactly what you want or better. If you breed pure T5 Western together, you’re going to get a pure T5 Western OR maybe even a T6 Western which is considered better by the masses. Nothing changes in regards to pure breeding.


You can, if you’d like, switch things up a bit with “Mixed Breeding”, making sure the Male and the Female you pair together have different regions, with mixed trees all throughout the background. The more random your trees are, the better.


If you try out mixed breeding, you will not be penalized by any means! In fact you will simply experience randomness. You will find that your breeding outcomes (offspring) are not low tier levels, and are not guaranteed to be the same thing by any means. You will also find that every so often random things can occur, such as the Fantasy Region showing up as offspring, seemingly out of nowhere. Keep in mind it is not currently possible to uptier while mixed breeding.


Long story short, we are trying to make sure people know that Fennux is not only a “breed for purity” breedable. A lot of people get bored by that, and would prefer the slightly random lifestyle of Mixed Breeding. We want everyone out there to know you can literally try breeding however you want – we want Fennux to be enjoyable for everyone.


Thanks for reading,

Team Fennux

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