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Fennux Frequently Asked Questions

Team Fennux offers Question and Answer events live in-world, so we decided to start posting a lot of these questions and our responses to them online. This will help us avoid repeating ourselves often. Be warned there may be typos in some of the questions asked, as we literally just copied/pasted them for better legitimacy. Thanks to "andidylan Resident" for transcribing voice to text.

How can I ride a Fennux, wear a Fennux on my shoulder, hold my Fennux, or run with my Fennux?
Scarf Pets attach to Spine and must be Size 0, 1 or 2 (Mini), Rideable Fennux are size 10, 11 or 12 (Grande) and attach to pelvis. All sizes 0-2(Mini) 3-5(Petite) 6(Common) 7-9(Big) 10-12(Grande) Can be attached at Avatar Center to run along side you, or attached to either hand to be held. But keep in mind, holding a large fennux is likely to cover your face and take up your whole body.

You "CAN" Attach more than one fennux to more than one allowable wear location (IE: You can have several attached to Avatar Center, and just edit them like any prim to have a whole army).

I have a cloned or invalid fennux or den.
If you have a Cloned Fennux, you can always click the "FIX" button next to it's name on the "Live Fennux" or "Fennux Dens" page on the My Fennux account page.

The easiest way to resolve any other issue is to redeliver it. You can either watch this tutorial video: Redelivery Tutorial Video Or if you don't want to watch the video, you can go to the My Fennux page, and on the dashboard click on redelivery. It should bring up an input field where you can type in the Fennux ID you want to redeliver. Just copy and paste the ID into the field and click redeliver.

To actually receive your Fennux in world, you will need a redelivery portal which is available at our main sim, or any of our sponsor sims for free. Just rez it in world and click sync. Once you've done that, click on the redelivery portal once more and it should say that you have a den/fennux to redeliver. Just click Den/Fennux and it should appear above your redelivery portal.

Why is the starter-den/crafted-den/wishing-well-den do not work when given to others
When you get a starter crate with dens inside or when you get crafted den from crafting machine or the wishing well den from wishing well, it needs to be rezzed by you first so that our server knows you received it and rezzed it successfully. Only after this you can tranfer it to others. If you happen to have received one of these dens which were never rezzed by the sender (if it was never rezzed, it wont have the Den ID in description that starts from "5" and it will tell you it is an invalid den as soon as you rezz it yourself), send it back to the sender and have them rezz it on the ground first and then ask them to transfer this back to you and it should work normally after this.

My female just went from 100% to 0% heat and didn't drop a den, or go to expecting mode, why?
This happens occassionally, to resolve the issue quickly, just pick the female in question up into your inventory then rerez her. She should either drop a den, or go into expecting mode at this point.

My Fennux is "Craving", what does this mean?
All Fennux have a feeding schedule. Every 6 hours a Fennux will change it's Hunger Status to "Craving" for 15 minutes. After that it will resume being "Satisfied" for another 6 hours. This cycle repeats itself indefinitely, so long as the Fennux has either a dish of kibbles or Reserve Food available to consume.

My Fennux is "(Expecting)", what does this mean?
If a female Fennux is "(Expecting)", this means it has started the process of creating a den. In the next 1-3 hours a den will rez on your land, so long as the Fennux has the rights to do so. (aka, if you own the land it should rez no matter what, but if the land is deeded to group or set to group and you are not the owner - you will need to make sure all of your Fennux are set to the same group)

Do Fennux ever stop digging up recipes?
Fennux, even if over age 49, will continue to dig recipes so long as its eating food and not sick.

Do Fennux stop gaining experience points when dueling?
Fennux, even if over age 49, will continue to gain experience points for dueling, and can even tier up to max dueling tier.

Can Eternal Pets duel and earn experience points?
Eternal Pets (of any age) continue to gain points for dueling and can even tier up to max dueling tier.

What's Crafting?
A player's Fennux will dig up recipes every so often. Once you collect a full set of recipes (piece A, B, C and D for the proper number set), you will be able to read what the ingredients are for the recipe. For example, Recipe 1 when pieced together states it requires "2x Saharan Tier 1 Fennux" and "2x Western Tier 1 Fennux" to create a "Mystery Tier 1 Fennux".

Is there a permanent pet option for Fennux?
Yes, we call these "Eternal Pets" because they are quite pleasant when sticking around eternally, as they no longer require food to be enjoyed by the owner.

How exactly is the FNX points for a den or Fennux calculated?
The base FNX points for a den will be depending upon the tier of the den multipied by 10. For example Tier-2 dens will have 20 FNX points and this will be the minimum FNX points the dens will carry. The rareness of the coat or other traits will sometimes adds extra FNX points as well. For example, the Chomper are worth 2.5 times more FNX points than Static at this point of time and this could change in future.
The Fennux will carry FNX points based on its tier (multipled by 10) and also on the food being eaten in its life time (not the age of the Fennux). For example Tier-2 fennux will have 20 FNX points plus 1 FNX point for every 4 kibbles of food eaten in its life time (either bowl food or reserve food). Fennux also gets some FNX points if it was fully hydrated (2 of 2) and its partner is also fully hydrated when it makes a den. Fennux will also earn FNX points once in a day when it duels. Finally extra FNX points will get added depending on the rareness of the Coat or other traits which could change in future. The FNX points carried by Fennux will be awarded to the owner when that Fennux is eternal merged or when it is turned into eternal pet.

How does Breeding work?
Fennux have a 5 day breeding cycle. They can start to breed at age 5, pregnancy length is random, between 1hrs to 3hrs with a Den being produced (females will show as "expecting"). (Not a live birth). You will not have to buy new starter packs to obtain new coats. You will be able to access new coats in the gene pool by breeding and by crafting your existing Fennux.

How does constructble homes work?
From V2.0, the Fennux will have ability to construct the constructable homes that can be purchased through our vendors. These homes look like a rock or a platform before Fennux starts constructing it and wont be usable as a real home till it is fully constructed. For the Fennux to dig up sticks to construct the home, they should already be linked to another home and should be doing animations (not on activity 0 or market mode etc). Pet wont be able to dig up sticks to construct the home. On an average one Fennux can dig up 1 stick per day. So if your home needs 8 components and if you hav 2 Fennux, it could take about 4 days for the construction of home to be completed. The constructable home should be with in 20 meters of those Fennux.

Is there any Community Involvement with The Fennux?
The community will have the ability to create groups called "Packs" where you will be able to work together for great enjoyment and Fennux advancement.

How can I apply to be a CSR?
CSR Applications are currently closed. When they are open again you can visit the Fennux Jobs page.

How much does Food cost?
28 Days of Food for 1 Fennux (1 month dish) costs L$195, and it gets slightly cheaper the bigger the dish size you purchase.

What's the Fennux Marketplace?
The Fennux "Web Market" is a free marketplace that lets players list their Fennux for sale for all of the World to see. Users will be able to search for the exact type of Fennux they wish to purchase, or be a bit broader on their results, and be able to quickly click an image of the Fennux for more info - or better yet hop on over in-world to see it via the Teleport Link at any time. If a user decides to purchase the Fennux, it will be unlisted instantly to avoid confusion for other potential buyers.

Will there be Fennux Forums?
More than likely yes, if so our forum will be hooked up directly to your "Fennux Account" (which will linked to your SL Avatar as well).

What's the Fennux life-span look like?
Fennux will have a total of 9 dens max between a matched pair. Life span will last forever, Fennux are mythological, immortal creatures which never cease to exist - but they are only able to breed for 49 days. You may wonder why it's 49 days and not 45 days, we wanted to give breeders a few extra days to breed mis-matched ages (example: an aged 3 Fennux and an aged 1 Fennux properly paired can still have 9 dens total). You will also be able to turn a Fennux into a permanent-pet (at any point in its life-span), causing it to stop requiring food so you can enjoy it forever.

Will there be tournaments for Dueling?
Yes we've planned this since the beginning. We will host events on the Fennux sim every so often. We will also encourage other Fennux-Related Sim Owners to host events so we can handle many hundreds if not thousands of users interested in entering these tournaments.

Do the starter packs have 1 male and 1 female equally?
All starter crates ship with a 50% chance at being Male and a 50% chance at being Female at birth. We do it like this to help show users that we do not have a tight grip on the controls, rather we let chance, skill, and our coded game to handle who gets what, when they get it, and how they get it. Doing it like this also helps stimulate the secondary market, the one that community players benefit from the most.

Do Fennux need land to breed?
Yes, it's much easier for people to understand where a Fennux is and what it is doing if you can see it. Plus our Fennux on average are only 12 prims. We are creating an SL Breedable Game, not a web game that also works on SL - so we want to encourage users to actually be on SL to enjoy our 3D product fully.

Do dens visibily show Male or Female?
Yes you will see if the unbirthed den is a male or a female instantly.

Does the HUD cost extra?
No, it is completely free.

How much food does one fennux eat per day?
4 times per day, so 4 "kibbles" of food, which costs just under L$7.

Do Fennux "cool-down" after they breed?
There is no "cool-down" period, it's simply every 5 days they will be able to breed so long as they are fed properly.

Will you do more Q&A's?
Yes, we will do as many as we can. As long as we can muster up a dozen or so uninformed Fennux Enthusiasts at a time, we'll do Q&A's!

Our answers here are subject to change slightly based on customer's response and circumstances not currently foreseen.

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