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Buy The Fennux Breedable Pets

The Fennux are accepting orders for Fennux Starter Packs and all other Fennux Accessories! We have a few vendor locations for you to choose from, but we ask that all of our customers double check to see if the user they are paying is "Fennux Resident". This is very important! If you notice a "Fennux Vendor" that is not owned by Fennux Resident, please do not pay it - rather report it directly to our CSR Team.

  • bronze

  • L$497

    per pack

  • 1 Random Fennux Den
  • 1 Fennux Home
  • 1 Week of Food
  • bronze pack
  • silver

  • L$897

    per pack

  • 2 Random Fennux Dens
  • 1 Fennux Home
  • 1 Week of Food
  • silver pack
  • gold

  • L$1697

    per pack

  • 4 Random Fennux Dens
  • 1 Fennux Home
  • 1 Week of Food
  • gold pack
  • platinum

  • L$3197

    per pack

  • 8 Random Fennux Dens
  • 1 Fennux Home
  • 1 Week of Food
  • platinum pack
  • diamond

  • L$6997

    per pack

  • 20 Random Fennux Dens
  • 3 Fennux Homes
  • 1 Week of Food
  • diamond pack

Buy Food and Starter Packs on the SL Marketplace

You may purchase Fennux/Accessories by visiting any of our Sponsor Sims

More Information About Starter Packs

Every "Starter Pack" comes with 1 Week of Food, 1 Fennux Home, and either 1, 2, 4, 8 or 20 Fennux "Dens" (unbirthed Fennux). Keep in mind that the Fennux Dens you receive are 100% randomly generated. This means that you may or may NOT receive equal male/female ratios, same with equal opposing aggressions. Our product strongly encourages users to participate in the "secondary market", the market created by Fennux Enthusiasts.

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