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Fennux Privacy Policy

Any personal information given to Team Fennux will never be sold to third-parties. All information stays in-house unless otherwise stated in sign up agreements.

Team Fennux reserves the right to share information with certain third-parties that have confirmed to be trustworthy by the masses. These third-parties are only for market research, advertisement distribution, or other forms of marketing/revenue for Team Fennux.

Team Fennux may contact you in the form of Instant Messages, Group Notifications (or "Group Notices"), Scripted Messages from our Mass Messenger, or by means of any other form of communication. These messages are usually to inform you regarding new updates/features, or even regarding new products/services offered by Team Fennux and it's owners/creators.

Team Fennux collects a custom username and password upon registration. We may also collect e-mail addresses for direct communication, if we ever send out e-mails to your account we will include a way to stop them from being received and will follow all current United States legal acts regarding "anti-spam".

The Fennux website may use cookies to store information temporarily to give you a better user experience.

If you make use of Plurk, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter or Facebook in regards to the Fennux website, you will have to read their individual privacy policies regarding each individual service. We are not affiliated with these companies.

Fennux enables users to communicate in real-time via public multi-user-chats / public forums / official public events. Anything you say in public chat is not governed by our privacy policy. They are governed between the users in the public areas. We cannot guarantee any experiences in public chat rooms.

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