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Calling All Sculptors!

Posted at 10:41 pm on November 29, 2014 by Fennux




(Not a sculptor, but know someone who is? Please link them here!)


Team Fennux is looking for a talented sculptor to join our team as a Contracted Employee. We will basically be calling on you to create various sculpts every so often for our Fennux Project.


You have to know a thing or two about sculpting, we only want professionals to apply – people who really know the ropes. We do not want anyone who uses in-world sculpting tools, just people who know how to sculpt inside physical programs outside of Second Life. If you’re a pro sculptor, you know which one(s) we’re referring to.


You’ll have to sign a non disclosure agreement with us, but that’s very standard now-a-days. This can easily be done over the internet so don’t worry. :)


TO APPLY, it’s quite simple… we have a kit at the Official Fennux Sim, called the “Hats and Glasses Developers Kit”… we want you to grab the kit if you don’t have it already, and then create something… anything! You don’t even have to show it to us, but after you have sculpted something basic, and feel confident that you can create sculpts for us that will actually be used all over the grid, send Daemon Blackflag a notecard with the following information:


1) What’s your Second Life Username?

2) From a scale between 1 and 10, 1 meaning NO and 10 meaning YES, do you think you could recreate our fennux creature sculpts from scratch?

3) Have you done work for anyone else (including your own store)? If yes – who/what?

4) Where do you live / What Timezone are you in?

5) What else should we know about you – why you and not the next person?


…and that should help us figure out who we need to add to our team as contracted employment. We’ll discuss the real details after we deal with an NDA and all of that fun stuff. Also, we don’t care for mesh right now, sculpting with sculpt maps is very key to what we’re doing here.


Thanks for reading,

-Team Fennux


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