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Get Started with Fennux™ Breedable Pets!

You may purchase Fennux from other sellers in-world at Fennux Markets and Fennux Auctions. You may also purchase them via Starter Packs at the Official Fennux Sim or the Second Life Marketplace. Just make sure that all Fennux you purchase are created by "Fennux Resident", anything that is not created by this avatar name is to be considered fake.

Every Fennux is able to be transferred, so if you do choose to take part in the secondary market please make sure to do some research at Markets and Auctions to see what other users in the community value different types of Fennux for. Team Fennux LLC takes no part in the secondary market whatsoever, as it is entirely breeder controlled.

If breeding is not for you and you'd rather enjoy the Fennux as a pet that does not require food, you may purchase Eternal Pets from the secondary market, or turn any Fennux that you own into an Eternal Pet via the "Eternal Pet Crystal". This is a one-time use item that costs L$495/ea. You may purchase one of these at the Official Fennux Sim, or at any one of our Sponsor Sims.

All Fennux are wearable! Try attaching one to "Avatar Center" to have it run along-side you anywhere you go, or attach one to "Right Hand" to wrap your arms around them, snuggling tight. This works with ANY Fennux, but some rarer ones even have the ability to rest on your neck, or allow for you to ride them around on any sim - regardless of rez rights. You will find that Fennux are the ultimate wearable Second Life Pets!
Fennux Breeding

Breeding Fennux

There are literally thousands of Breeders playing The Fennux right now! Users are breeding Tier 1's all the way up to Tier 5's currently. This means that there are many different levels of gameplay. Whether you are a novice breeder that wants to try their hand, or a professional that's ready to jump all-in, The Fennux are waiting for you! More...
Fennux Crafting

Crafting & Wishing Wells

Live Fennux are able to be crafted / fused into rarer breeds via the Crafting Machine. You may also drop in Fennux Dens to the Wishing Well to obtain Limited Editions that will only ever be around for a month maximum. Both the Machine and the Well help to stabilize the "secondary market" which a lot of our breeders take part in. More...
Fennux Dueling

Dueling Fennux

You are able to challenge other breeders to Duels whenever you are near a Dueling Arena. You may also challenge an NPC Fennux to a duel whenever other breeders are not available, or you simply want to play solo. Dueling is made easy enough that anyone can enjoy it. If you know how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors then you know how to duel Fennux! More...
Fennux News

April 2014 LE
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March 2014 LE
Posted at 12:03 am on March 1, 2014

February 2014 LE
Posted at 12:06 am on February 1, 2014

New Year’s Eve 2013 LEs
Posted at 12:01 am on January 1, 2014

December LEs / Anniversary / RFL
Posted at 12:07 am on December 1, 2013

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