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Fennux Features

Genetic-Based Breeding

Every Fennux stores a record of it's Parents, Grandparents, etc. in it's "DNA". Every single time you breed a Fennux, the outcome is solely based on what is in it's background. We let anyone see these Family Trees on our website. We also give a lot of breeding information away in our Fennux Guide. Fennux were designed to be easy to breed, yet challenging enough not to get boring.

Fennux have a handful of checks and balances with breeding. They feature "aggression levels" (personalities) which can not be paired together if they are the exact same type, as well as the inability to breed with direct relationships (mom & son, dad & daughter, brother & sister = not allowed).

We want to encourage users to go into the secondary market and mix blood as much as possible. The more people involved in the secondary market, the better! And to those of you who don't want to go into that market often, you don't have to - you can still "back breed", or "line breed" etc, which ensures our breeders can still have their independence if so desired.

Crafting Machines / Wishing Wells / Fantasy Gateways
The main issue with modern breedable games is that they keep breeding, breeding, and breeding some more. This causes a LOT of the same coats / traits to be all over Second Life! Supply and Demand says that it will drive the sell price down, so we came up with a new idea to handle that problem: Crafting Machines/Wishing Wells/Fantasy Gateways.

Hidden in the Fennux World are little pieces of parchment with recipes on them. If your Fennux find a full set of parchment, you'll be given a recipe to "craft" a very rare Fennux. Crafting involves turning 2 or more Fennux into 1 "super-rare" Fennux, which will be able to pass coats / traits just like any other Fennux, they'll just be more "rare".

And if that's not good enough, we've also introduced the Wishing Well. Users can drop in any 12 "dens" (offspring), losing them permanently, but receiving a brand new, limited edition fennux den! Every month we offer up a brand new coat that is only around for at most 31 days - which is a great incentive for wanting to do your part in reducing supplies and increasing demand for The Fennux.

More recently we've added the Fennux Fantasy Gateways to the mix. This works a lot like the Crafting Machine where you have certain ingredients to put in, but does not require a recipe at all. And it works a lot like the Wishing Well because you need 36 (yes, 36) dens, 6 from each of the 6 previously available regions, all being the same Tier Level. The ultimate in supply reduction.

Automated Market Listing
Every Fennux that you want to sell can be put into a frozen-animation state and be automatically listed to our marketplace for buying/selling Fennux. You won't have to use extra prims to list to a marketplace.

FNX Points (virtual currency)
Your Fennux are able to earn "FNX Points" as they do various actions in the world. When a Fennux completes a duel, has a new baby, etc - it will directly earn FNX Points. You can view the amount of Points your Fennux has earned by clicking on them when you are wearing the Fennux HUD. At any point you desire, you are able to "Eternal Merge" your Fennux to send them to a better place - granting the owner all of it's FNX Points. You can also click and hold Fennux Recipe Pieces to "merge those" to get points as well.

You might be wondering what purpose FNX Points have in the Fennux World? Redemption of points for Hydrated Homes, NPC Fennux, Dueling Arenas and more. We encourage users to spend their FNX Points at the "FNX Point Vendors", located at the Official Fennux Sim.

Third-Party Friendly
Since a few members of Team Fennux are former/current third-party developers - we truly understand what sort of treatment devs need when building products that better the community. We offer APIs with no subscription fees* to anyone who wants to develop these sort of products, subject to acceptance of our third-party developer's agreement. More information? Contact us via the support page.

1-on-1 Dueling
Fennux are able to get into little "dog fights" with other breeders' Fennux. You can initiate a dog fight via your Fennux HUD, and can even earn extra FNX Points after each battle. The higher Dueling Tier your Fennux is, the more FNX Points you will be able to earn with dueling - which encourages breeders to let their Fennux play around daily.

Dueling is based off of a "rock, paper, scissors' way of thinking. We have 3 abilities for Fennux to use - each ability is good at "winning" against 1 other ability, "tying" against 1 other ability, and "losing" against 1 other ability. The idea is to use the skill of analyzing your opponents patterns to attempt at winning more rounds than the opponent. The first person to get the opponent's Fennux energy bar down to 0 will be declared the winner.

Feeding Made Easy
Our food dishes are able to be locked down to just your own Fennux, or you can share it with your "Pack" (guild/fellowship/etc). If you're feeling super generous you can enable sharing to any Fennux that is nearby! Imagine being able to save someone's poor little Fennux from starvation!

Oh by the way, all of our Fennux eat the same food. We won't make certain breeds eat one kind, and another breed eat something different - this is something a lot of you guys and gals have spoken up about, and we're not about to go against the grain on this one. :)

No death. No running away.
Our Fennux won't die or run away, they only become ill. The most common cause of this problem is related to not getting proper nutrition. If you don't feed your Fennux for a few days, it'll get sick. We also enable users to heal their Fennux for FREE over the course of a few days, although we do offer instant full-revives to ensure you don't mess up your breeding - or if you're just a little impatient.

Advanced Animations
We have put a lot of effort into creating high quality animations for the Fennux. They prance around, dig holes in your ground, sit, lay, sleep and more! We have plenty of cute (er, uh, cool) animations for everyone to enjoy.

Fully Interactive
Our Fennux will be very interactive. You'll be able to pick them up and hold them in various poses, attach them to "Avatar Center" to run around with them on any sim, hydrate them to earn extra FNX Points, some may even be rideable! You'll also be able to use Fennux in Crafting Recipes as well as Dueling. Sometimes a pair of Fennux will even sleep together in a Yin-Yang fashion. We have made the Fennux to have as many features as possible while monitoring script usage to ensure a near lag-free experience.

Viewer Compatibility
We are doing everything in our power to make sure you can thoroughly enjoy the Fennux product whether you are using a next-gen viewer, or something a bit older. We understand the needs of the community - and that some users are not able to use the latest technology due to hardware limitations. We're not going to make you upgrade your PC to use our product. That's a guarantee.

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