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Fennux Suggestions

Posted at 2:10 pm on September 26, 2014 by Fennux

Hey everyone,


First of all – this new feature is very beta, prone to having bugs, and will not always be moderated.


We WILL delete suggestions that have any sort of profanity and such (PG), and we will delete suggestions that do not offer anything to the Fennux Community. We are looking for good ideas that will help to solve problems.


Feel free to make a short/to the point suggestion on the following page, but make sure you are okay with literally hundreds if not thousands of people viewing your suggestion. Your name will clearly be next to your suggestion as well. This is not anonymous.


Make your suggestions / cast your daily votes here: http://www.fennux.com/suggestions


You can come back every 24 hours and vote UP or DOWN on each suggestion. This means in the course of a week you could vote 7 times on every single suggestion submitted.


The Red Down Arrow Button means VOTE DOWN -1, and the Red Green Arrow Button means VOTE UP +1. The higher voted suggestions show up at the top, and the lower voted suggestions show up at the bottom. Team Fennux will look at all suggestions, but we will try to prioritize the higher voted ones just in case. Please do not beg people to vote on your submission, this isn’t a popularity contest – we want honest opinions from our community.


Trust me when I say this is not the best method of doing this, but it’s still a very valuable tool for us to peer into the community in a very transparent manner – it allows everyone to be on the same page regarding community feedback, so we’re getting this feature out into the wild without wasting time refining it.


NOTE: You will have to be logged in to My Fennux to be able to suggest ideas / vote / etc. I highly recommend logging in before clicking the above link to the Suggestions page.


Thanks for reading,

Team Fennux

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