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Create-a-Coat Contest

Posted at 7:42 pm on July 7, 2014 by Fennux



Have you ever wanted to make your own Fennux coat?




We are having a contest where anyone can download our Fennux Silhouette PNG file, import it into Photoshop or Gimp or whatever your favorite Image Editing Software is, and then you can draw, paint bucket, brush, etc. on the Fennux Silhouette PNG file.


You do NOT have to be a 3D Texture Artist to submit an idea, you just need to know how to paint on a 2D surface!


It’s really that easy – get as creative as you want and once you’re done save the file (JPG/JPEG PREFERABLY), upload it to Second Life, make it Full Perm (mod,copy,trans) and send it to Daemon Blackflag in-world. Please only submit one entry!


Daemon and other members of Team Fennux will review your ideas and choose a winner. Then, Katharine Mcginnis will use her texturing expertise to recreate the winning conceptual idea and turn it into a real Fennux Coat!


We will not announce the winner until around the 1st of August – because that is when we intend to release the coat into the Wishing Well. Yes, the winner’s coat will be available in the Wishing Well as an LE for the entire month of August.


If you are not selected this first time, don’t worry! We are doing this as a test run – but we most likely will turn this into a very regular occurrence depending on how this goes.


Upon submitting your contest entry to us – Team Fennux becomes the sole owner of your idea, and we can use it as we see fit forever. This is traditional legal jargon, if we didn’t say this we couldn’t release your coat into the wild, and now we can! :)


If you are selected as a winner, we will send a one-time payment of L$5,000 to you, as well as a give you a free Fennux with the winning LE Coat on it. We’ll also throw in a dish of “4 Fennux for 4 Weeks” kibbles just to spice things up. So, good luck everyone. Many will enter, one will win.


DOWNLOAD THIS FILE: http://www.fennux.com/files/fennux_silhouette.zip


DEADLINE: July 21, 2014 – Please do not send anything after this date.


Good luck to everyone entering,

Team Fennux

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