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Fennux News

Posted at 2:56 pm on September 27, 2012 by Fennux

Okay so, everyone please stay off the Fennux Sim for a while – it just crashed hard core…


We will handle all of these failed deliveries in a timely manner, people kept clicking the terminals over and over again, some a few dozen times, it actually just slowed things down even further. By the time we added additional delivery servers a lot of people had missed out on their private beta packs.


Don’t worry, we have a list of everyone who has received, hasn’t received, who is queued to received, etc.


We will not rest until every pre-order customers has had the opportunity to get their Private Beta Pack! :)


Thanks for hanging in there,

-Team Fennux

Posted at 4:43 am on September 26, 2012 by Fennux


We are starting Private Beta on September 27, 2012 (SLT – but at an unknown time).


Yes, you heard me correct – Team Fennux has an official date for Private Beta, and it’s roughly 24 hours away.


We ask that you do NOT camp out the Fennux sim the entire time, as we are still finalizing a few things – and need to be able to access the sim, haha. If we have to – we will shut down the sim for a while prior to the start of Private Beta.



We will give every user one private beta starter pack, this will include “3 Fennux Homes”, “1 Big Dish of Food”, “20 Fennux Dens”, a “Fennux HUD”, and a “Fennux Hydrater”



We will be putting Beta Fennux Delivery Terminals all around Second Life. You will merely walk up to a terminal, touch it, and follow the on-screen instructions to get your beta starter pack.



The first phase of Private Beta is isolated to Breeding and Crafting. We will have in-depth guides on the Fennux Website shortly so you will be able to get started with ease. Dueling will be released in the second phase of Private Beta, again to keep testing isolated. So check the news feed often to see when we’ve added these guides. :)



We are giving out 3 homes initially which is enough for 24 Live Fennux to be on your sim. This would mean you’d need roughly 288 prims for all 24 to be breeding properly, plus another 3 prims total for the homes, and 1 prim for the food – totaling at 292 prims. The beta starter pack is 8 prims but you don’t need to keep that around after you rez out the homes, dens and food (and grab the HUD/Hydrater).



Fennux are required to be fed, that’s obvious – but they also LIKE to be kept hydrated. The hydrater is a free handheld device that sprays your Fennux with a stream of unlimited water-like substance that is imbued with magical properties. All you have to do is “wear” or “add” the Fennux Hydrater to your avatar, then click on a Fennux you are standing near. By spraying your Fennux at least 2 times within a 5 day breeding cycle – you increase your odds at bettering your Fennux offspring.  You have to wait at least 24 hours between each hydration spray, but you only have to spray a Fennux 2 times in a 5 day period to obtain the slight breeding bonus.This is not a requirement, Fennux do perfectly fine without being hydrated, but if you are patient – you will reap the rewards. :)


Why do we have Hydration in the first place? It allows the more dedicated of users to interact with their Fennux at least a couple times per breeding cycle, rewarding them with a slight chance at better Fennux for their efforts. If for some reason spraying your Fennux 2 times per 5 days is too much for you, we will have “Hydrated Fennux Homes” that keep your Fennux hydrated for you without spraying them. These are one-time fee homes, that cost a bit more than the regular homes.


Again, in-depth guides like the above will be distributed to users before beta starts, so it’ll be very easy to jump in and start enjoying your Beta Fennux. :)



Nope, we will be forcing all Fennux to delete after beta. Even if you stick it in your inventory for a year or two, try to take it out later when Team Fennux will “least expect it”, those too will auto delete. :)



After Beta. We have to get through Private Beta, Public Beta, wait a few days… release to our pre-order customers… and then finally release to all of Second Life. So I hate to say it but, soon! We are at the point of Private Beta so it’s not going to be much longer of a wait. :)


Thanks for reading everyone, we look forward to handing out Private Beta!

-Team Fennux

Posted at 2:56 am on September 22, 2012 by Fennux



We just posted a video to YouTube that shows off how easy it is for users to pair Fennux Dens. The key phrase here is “Opposites Attract”, which has to do with putting Male Dens (blue highlights) with Female Dens (pink highlights) and making sure the hovertext color above them are opposing as well.


The color of the hovertext represents what Aggression the Fennux has (Tame, Neutral, Wild). We are not like other breedables, we make it so breeders have to pair opposite aggressions together to make a match, and the resulting offspring will be the third aggression that was not used to make it. For example, Neutral + Wild = Tame.


It’s actually really easy to understand – just watch and/or listen to the video tutorial posted above. :)


Thanks for reading,

-Team Fennux

Posted at 7:52 pm on September 20, 2012 by Fennux


Hey everyone!


September 22, 2012 (this Saturday), Team Fennux will be at Jody’s Fennux Farm during their Fall Festival event! We will start the Q&A at 2:00PM SLT, but the entire event will be going on from 2pm – 9pm SLT.


Make sure to mark your calendars for the event, I hear there are going to be lots of fun things going on the entire day, live entertainment, haunted house, pumpkin hunt, palm reader, raffles and prizes, etc.


If you are new to Fennux, and you want to learn more about Fennux – make sure to come to this event. You will be sure to learn lots. I’m assuming we’re slotted 1 full hour of time for this QnA so we will try and start on time, and finish quickly. it’ll most likely be a voice QnA to keep things going super fast since our QnAs can easily last 2+ hours normally, haha.


LOCATION: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Canadian%20Country%20Westerner/56/211/23

Fennux Q&A TIME: 2:00 PM SLT

DATE: September 22, 2012


ALSO, keep checking back and keep your date planners open for the month of October. We are sponsoring and/or taking part in a lot of events in the middle of October, so keep checking up on http://www.fennux.com/news often! :)



Thanks for reading,

-Team Fennux

Posted at 4:55 pm on September 16, 2012 by Fennux


Hey everyone!



We have been actively testing our product to ensure it’s indeed ready for Private Beta. As you can see by the above image, well – we’ve been doing a lot of Internal Testing! So far everything is going quite well. Pairing Fennux to breed is working, Den Creation is working, Crafting Fennux is working, Fennux are linking to homes properly, pretty much everything is going smoothly! We’re still making minor last minute adjustments to Hovertext (see above, haha), as well as some minor particle tweaks for showing a visual “range” / “radius” around certain objects that require it. To sum things up, we’re very happy with the progress we’ve made these past 2 weeks and we expect to be getting our Private Beta out to the public very soon. I know it’s tough being patient, but hang in there everyone – we at Team Fennux promise you that you will not be disappointed. :)


(You might be wondering why we have so many dens in the above picture, it’s because we have amped up our breeding to happen much quicker in our Internal Testing. These testing Fennux were made to pop out dens at an unprecedented rate to help get an idea of odds / make sure we have no issues with our database server(s). Try not to freak out by the massive amounts of hovertext seen in picture above, haha.)



If you are not participating in the Affiliate Program – you are missing out. We have seen well over L$100,000 paid out to our affiliates in under 3 weeks time! Make sure to get your FREE pack of affiliate Kiosks by visiting the Fennux Sim today.


How do the Kiosks work? Rez one out at a popular location that you have rights to rez at, and when someone clicks your Fennux Kiosk (so long as they have not already clicked another user’s Kiosk), we record your name and their name into a database. Whenever that user purchases a Pre-Order Pack of Fennux – you will receive 10% commission on whatever they order! And not just their first order, all orders until launch will be 10% commission to you! :)


So that’s all of the news for today, we’ll be posting more shortly so please stay tuned to this website. Thanks! :)


-Team Fennux

Posted at 2:08 am on September 13, 2012 by Fennux


Calling all Fennux Enthusiasts:


We have decided to give away non-animated “Fennux Grabbers” to all users who put a “Pick” to the Fennux Main Store in their profile! All you have to do is visit the Fennux Sim, edit your Profile, and create a new “Pick” to our Main Store location, and wait for it to update on SecondLife.com, then collect your prize! There are 5 prizes and it changes daily so even if you miss one – you’ll be able to attempt at it again. (If you already had Fennux in your “Picks” you’ll be able to redeem the prizes RIGHT NOW!)


After the “Pick” updates on the web version of Second Life (it can take up to 48 hours) you will be able to click our “Prize4Picks” daily item to receive it instantly.


Again, this could take up to 48 hours, so make sure you get on over to the Fennux Main Store and create a “Pick” in your profile for our Sim, which helps support Fennux – and gives you a few awesome bonus items just for giving us some “Picks” space. :)


Thanks everyone,

-Team Fennux

Posted at 2:13 pm on September 9, 2012 by Fennux

Hey everyone! Giving you a bit of news from the front lines of Team Fennux.


Internal Testing:

Our staff have been internally testing our pre-beta product daily, and our team has been updating, tweaking, and reconfiguring bits and pieces of code to make sure our product is going to be more-or-less pristine by the time it winds up in the hands of our Pre-Order customers (to the best of our ability).


The Fennux appear to be eating from the food properly, they are digging up crafting recipes, they are breeding, they are pairing, everything seems great thus far. We had a few minor hiccups with our homes – but we already have implemented a new technology which guarantees a Fennux to always go to the closest home that has room for it, so all is starting to shape up nicely. Our “Packs” (guilds/groups) functionality is working great, our breeding / crafting / dueling experience bars are increasing respectively, which reminds me to speak on our HUD for a bit…


The Fennux HUD is easily one of the most feature-rich breedable HUDs out there, we can’t wait to show it off! For starters our HUD is free, it’s user friendly, and has helpful features that really define us as a breedable game. It’s separated into 4 major tabs, “ME”, “INFO”, “CONFIG” and “DUEL” – with a “WEB” tab and an “ARROWS TAB” used for opening Fennux.com at any time, and showing/hiding the HUD from view.


The “ME” tab enables users to track their breeding/crafting/dueling experience levels, check up on their Reserve Food and FNX Point balances, manage their Pack Options, and more. “INFO” tab shows you everything you need to know about a Fennux, including buttons to IM the owner of the Fennux you’re inspecting, as well as visit the Fennux Details page on the web with a simple mouse click. The “CONFIG” tab lets you take care of any configurable options for the currently selected Fennux, including name changes, mate pairing, toggling the Web Market, rebuilding, eternal merging and more. And finally we reach the “DUEL” tab, this is basically your game controller for dueling, complete with options to battle (or forfeit) and energy bars that show how much fight a Fennux has left in him or her.


Back to internal testing, the Fennux are prancing around just fine, growing properly, eating healthily, I’m very impressed by our scripting talent! We still are dateless, but I know for a fact we are progressing and nearing the completion of Internal Testing so it can be in the hands of our awesome, pioneering Pre-Order customers. Please give us a bit more time, and you’ll all be quite happy. :)


ACS Land Partnership:




CSR Positions:

We just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you that have applied for the CSR positions. We have been absolutely blown away by the overwhelming response to our advert and we are literally drowning in applications.


We had initially indicated we would be interviewing each and everyone of you as we thought we would only have a handful to do. We were wrong. Haha.


At this stage, we are reading through all of the applications and are reviewing them, and will need some time (no ETA yet) before we will be selecting those people we wish to interview in person.


So hang in there, give us a bit more time, and the CSRs will be taken care of shortly.


That’s all for now, continue checking our news for more updates regarding Fennux, Fennux Beta, and of course the Fennux Launch. :)

-Team Fennux

Posted at 11:58 pm on September 4, 2012 by Fennux

Hey everyone!


The Fennux Website has been upgraded! Some functionality is not quite hooked up yet due to the fact that we are not ready for users to start making use of our account features, but we have added some new pages, updated our graphics, and changed a lot of code – bringing Fennux Enthusiasts an all-around, better Fennux Web experience.


Also, we are getting much closer to beta, so we are slowly starting to increase the price of Pre-Order Starter Packs! The discount is now 20% off instead of 25% off. We will be switching the prices yet again, once Private Beta has started, to 15% off – so make sure you do your pre-ordering early to guarantee the most optimal discount. :)


That being said, we have just released the Fennux Lore to the public. Make sure to check it out by clicking the Lore link on our navigation bar, and of course share it with as many of your friends as you can to get the word out of it’s release. :)


That’s all for today’s update, we will be posting more news as it comes in regarding Private Beta. Thanks for reading!

-Team Fennux

Posted at 1:26 am on August 31, 2012 by Fennux



Hey Fennux Enthusiasts! Two words: BETA STATUS


We thought about changing our FAQs page to simply state “Question: WHEN IS BETA? Answer: Soon, hang in there!” due to the overwhelming numbers of inquiring minds popping into our group chat to see what our current status is. The only thing we have been saying to folks who pose this question has been “soon“, “very soon” or some other group of words that, well, always ends in “soon“. We are tired of just saying soon repetitively so we are going to be as transparent as possible in this post so that you all know exactly what Team Fennux is doing regarding Fennux Beta.


CURRENT STATUS: Final Stage of Internal Testing

On August 31, 2012 we have officially entered our final period of internal testing. This means that a few of our team members are putting extreme efforts into squashing any and all bugs that appear over the next week or so. This is a simple process that allows us to weed out the obvious flaws in our system before we hand it over to you guys and gals. We want you to anticipate us spending a couple weeks of time finishing up our internal tests, so that private beta can begin the moment after it’s completion.


Rest assured that our team is doing everything possible in our power to work quickly and efficiently at getting our beta product out to our Pre-Order customers. You deserve it, we know you want it, and we want you to have it. :)


Also keep in mind that we did say back in May of this year that we are aiming to have an August Beta, but most people forget (or do not want to recall due to pure excitement) that we also requested a month of padding in case our estimate was a little off. Estimates are rounded, they are not precise – our estimate is getting more precise each day of when we expect our users to be testing out our product, meaning at this precise moment we are looking at a definite Early September Private Beta.


We had hopes to have our phase 1 of Private Beta to be out by the 31st of August, but we just could not justify sending out a product that has not been through enough internal testing. It will be a bad experience for all who are involved if we send out beta on the 31st as we had once aimed for.


We want to thank all of you for having at least some understanding of why we do what we do, and how we do it – our team is very excited to be so close to showing off our actual breedable product. We are confident it will be worth the additional time needed for our internal tests and early bug fixing to take place.


For those of you who look at this as “bad news”, please try to see the glass half full – or rather always completely full considering the air molecules bouncing around inside of it. This extra time for Team Fennux to smooth out the product will be very beneficial for you all. If we didn’t feel we needed this additional time, we would release beta right now – but trust me when I say, we need this. You will be getting an even better product out of us because of this. :D


Thanks again our wonderful, foxy community!

-Team Fennux

Posted at 2:23 am on August 28, 2012 by Fennux


An awesome change to our Fennux Kiosks: they are now called “Fennux – Affiliate Kiosks” and are version 1.2. If you have Fennux Kiosks out already – thank you, but please come get these newer ones as they have something very special inside: an affiliate script.


You might be asking yourself “What’s an affiliate script, and why would I care to have one inside my Fennux Kiosks?”. Simply put, the affiliate script enables us to track who is referring who to purchase Fennux Pre-Orders. This technology allows us to send a 10% commision, or a “finder’s fee”, to the owner of the Kiosk.


Every time someone clicks your “Fennux – Affiliate Kiosk” and makes a purchase, you will make 10% of their sales forever, so long as you are the first person to refer them to Pre-Ordering Fennux.


We also enabled this technology in our Sponsor Display Vendors, so every time someone makes a purchase at a Sponsor Display – 10% goes to the owner of the display, as a way of saying thank you for being a Fennux Sponsor! :)


If you have any more questions about our affiliate program, contact Daemon Blackflag in-world. Thanks for reading and please feel free to pick up your own Fennux – Affiliate Kiosks at our Official Fennux Sim: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fennux/


-Team Fennux

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