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Fencyclopedia - Regions

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Fennux from the Sahara can range in appearance, but you will find lots of tan/beige varieties in the mix. Saharan Fennux have been known to mimic their surroundings over the generations. Saharan Fennux are initially fairly common.


Western Fennux are found in the Americas. They have similar details of creatures found nearby. Western Fennux are initially fairly common.


Polar Fennux live in the northern areas of the world. They are able to blend in to their surroundings quite easily. Their coats reflect the hills, valleys and mountainous areas they live around. Polar Fennux are initially uncommon.


Eastern Fennux obviously come from the eastern part of the world. Some have distinct patterns that let you know they are of eastern descent. Eastern Fennux are initially fairly rare.


Amazon Fennux are some of the most sought after in the world. They live deep within the jungle thus making them harder to find and obtain. Their patterns are some of the brightest and most vibrant of the 5 mainland regions. Amazon Fennux are initially very rare.


Mystery Fennux are only able to be found via recipes and crafting. This region is mostly unknown to the average breeder, the coats are typically random and do not fit in with any known region of this world. Mystery Fennux are initially extremely rare.


A brand new region of Fennux that have just been discovered. These type of Fennux feature a wide assortment of "out there" colorations and designs. You would not find these type of Fennux anywhere on this planet. Fantasy Fennux are initially extremely rare.


The NPC Region showcases Fennux that are only able to Duel and not able to breed. In fact this type of Fennux is capable of dueling against any breeder's regular Fennux, meaning duelists can hone their skills solo.

More to Discover!

It's possible for there to be hidden regions in the Fennux World...

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