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Beta News (READ ME)

Posted at 1:26 am on August 31, 2012 by Fennux



Hey Fennux Enthusiasts! Two words: BETA STATUS


We thought about changing our FAQs page to simply state “Question: WHEN IS BETA? Answer: Soon, hang in there!” due to the overwhelming numbers of inquiring minds popping into our group chat to see what our current status is. The only thing we have been saying to folks who pose this question has been “soon“, “very soon” or some other group of words that, well, always ends in “soon“. We are tired of just saying soon repetitively so we are going to be as transparent as possible in this post so that you all know exactly what Team Fennux is doing regarding Fennux Beta.


CURRENT STATUS: Final Stage of Internal Testing

On August 31, 2012 we have officially entered our final period of internal testing. This means that a few of our team members are putting extreme efforts into squashing any and all bugs that appear over the next week or so. This is a simple process that allows us to weed out the obvious flaws in our system before we hand it over to you guys and gals. We want you to anticipate us spending a couple weeks of time finishing up our internal tests, so that private beta can begin the moment after it’s completion.


Rest assured that our team is doing everything possible in our power to work quickly and efficiently at getting our beta product out to our Pre-Order customers. You deserve it, we know you want it, and we want you to have it. :)


Also keep in mind that we did say back in May of this year that we are aiming to have an August Beta, but most people forget (or do not want to recall due to pure excitement) that we also requested a month of padding in case our estimate was a little off. Estimates are rounded, they are not precise – our estimate is getting more precise each day of when we expect our users to be testing out our product, meaning at this precise moment we are looking at a definite Early September Private Beta.


We had hopes to have our phase 1 of Private Beta to be out by the 31st of August, but we just could not justify sending out a product that has not been through enough internal testing. It will be a bad experience for all who are involved if we send out beta on the 31st as we had once aimed for.


We want to thank all of you for having at least some understanding of why we do what we do, and how we do it – our team is very excited to be so close to showing off our actual breedable product. We are confident it will be worth the additional time needed for our internal tests and early bug fixing to take place.


For those of you who look at this as “bad news”, please try to see the glass half full – or rather always completely full considering the air molecules bouncing around inside of it. This extra time for Team Fennux to smooth out the product will be very beneficial for you all. If we didn’t feel we needed this additional time, we would release beta right now – but trust me when I say, we need this. You will be getting an even better product out of us because of this. :D


Thanks again our wonderful, foxy community!

-Team Fennux

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