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Fennux – Affiliate Kiosks (NEW!)

Posted at 2:23 am on August 28, 2012 by Fennux


An awesome change to our Fennux Kiosks: they are now called “Fennux – Affiliate Kiosks” and are version 1.2. If you have Fennux Kiosks out already – thank you, but please come get these newer ones as they have something very special inside: an affiliate script.


You might be asking yourself “What’s an affiliate script, and why would I care to have one inside my Fennux Kiosks?”. Simply put, the affiliate script enables us to track who is referring who to purchase Fennux Pre-Orders. This technology allows us to send a 10% commision, or a “finder’s fee”, to the owner of the Kiosk.


Every time someone clicks your “Fennux – Affiliate Kiosk” and makes a purchase, you will make 10% of their sales forever, so long as you are the first person to refer them to Pre-Ordering Fennux.


We also enabled this technology in our Sponsor Display Vendors, so every time someone makes a purchase at a Sponsor Display – 10% goes to the owner of the display, as a way of saying thank you for being a Fennux Sponsor! :)


If you have any more questions about our affiliate program, contact Daemon Blackflag in-world. Thanks for reading and please feel free to pick up your own Fennux – Affiliate Kiosks at our Official Fennux Sim: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fennux/


-Team Fennux

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