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Fennux Affiliate Program

Posted at 7:24 pm on July 26, 2013 by Fennux

If you are not yet involved in our Affiliate Program for one reason or another, you may want to reconsider after reading this post.


Team Fennux is now offering Linden Dollars (L$) instead of FNX Points to our affiliates. This change is effective immediately and I recommend you read below to find out the exact details.




If you are the first person to “refer” a Second Life member to click on a Fennux Affiliate Item, then you will be considered the “Referrer” of that member. If that member clicks someone else’s Fennux Affiliate Item after they have already clicked on your own, you will still be considered the “Referrer” of that member. If that member has already used a Fennux HUD prior to clicking – our server considers them already being a Fennux Member, meaning their “Fennux Join Date” will be earlier than when they were “Referred”, but you will still be considered the “Referrer” of that member.


After you are marked as the “Referrer” of a Fennux user, you will start earning 25% in Linden Dollars (L$) for every Starter Pack purchase that user makes within 45 days of that user’s initial “Fennux join date”. You will also earn 15% in Linden Dollars (L$) for every other purchase that user makes within 45 days of that user’s initial “Fennux Join Date”. (Not 45 days after they clicked your affiliate item, 45 days after our server considers them joining – which includes them using the Fennux HUD.) After the 45 days are up, you will no longer continue to be compensated based upon their purchases.


As a bonus, Team Fennux is giving away 100% more Fennux Kibbles in the form of Reserve Food FREE to any Referred Starter Pack Purchase FOREVER. This means when someone you refer buys a Starter Pack, they will automatically receive the same amount of food that is inside the starter pack in the form of Reserve Food. That’s 100% more food FREE, just for being referred by someone like you. Anyone who has ever been referred by another user to join Fennux is eligible to get this bonus. It pays to get referred! When referring people, make sure to let those potential Fennux breeders know that if they click your affiliate items they can get 100% more kibbles (in the form of Reserve Food) FREE for life. Keep in mind that this is only for Starter Packs, and not for regular food purchases.

(This is not a bonus to you the affiliate, but a bonus to the people you are referring to join Fennux.)


Since we are now offering Linden Dollars (L$), we are no longer offering FNX Points in exchange for referrals. If you have any feedback regarding this change please let us know via the Support Ticket System.


To sum this post up, if you want to earn Lindens – grab yourself a Fennux Affiliate Kiosk box at the Fennux Sim for free, and start referring as many people as you can. You’ll start earning 15-25% of every purchase that they make for the next 45 days (so long as their clicking is the same as their joining), and they will get a bonus of 100% more kibbles (in the form of Reserve Food) each time they buy a Starter Pack. If the starter pack normally came with 28 kibbles, they would get 28 Reserve Food kibbles as well (totaling 56 kibbles). Team Fennux reserves the right to amend or withdraw this program anytime.


Thanks for reading,

Team Fennux

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