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Nightlight Wishing Well LE

Posted at 1:36 am on May 1, 2013 by Fennux


The Nightlight Limited Edition Fennux Coat is here!

(Also, there is a small chance that you may still get Spring Eyes from the Wishing Well – as it is still Spring after all…)


To find out more about how the Wishing Well system works, you can watch our informative video tutorial at the following page: Fennux Wishing Well Tutorial


Users can turn their extra Dens (12) into 1 Nightlight LE Fennux & 12 Days of Reserve Food by doing the following:


1) Place your 12 Fennux Dens on the Wishing Well, putting 1 Den on each wooden panel

2) Click the Wishing Well (it may take a few seconds to calculate…)

3) It will ask you to confirm (YES or NO), pressing YES will drop all 12 Dens into the Well

4) An Inventory Offer will present itself to you, press KEEP to get your Nightlight LE Den, at this time you also will receive 12 Days (48 Kibbles) of Reserve Food, which is visible on your HUD instantly


And that’s all there is to it! Enjoy your Nightlight LE Fennux Den, and your 12 Days of Reserve Food!



The Wishing Well exists only on the Fennux Sim. We have 1 setup next to every Crafting Machine, and of course these Wishing Wells are used to turn any 12 Fennux Dens into 1 Nightlight LE Dens (and 12 days of Reserve Food).



Yes there is a SMALL CHANCE to get “LE Spring Eyes”, but the odds are roughly about a 0.5% chance to obtain, so don’t expect to get them! The LE Spring Eyes can pass onto other coats, so even if you don’t get them from Wishing, you will have opportunities to obtain them in the Secondary Market later. If you don’t know what the Spring Eyes look like – please visit this post here and view the right side of the main image.


Most Fennux however will have regular eyes from a starter den, very similar to Crafting – the only thing that is “LE” on most Nightlight LE Fennux is the over-ride of the Fennux Coat. It’s more-or-less exactly like Crafting, except for the fact the coat will not pass.


Thanks for reading,

-Team Fennux

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