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Important Breeding Announcement

Posted at 9:36 pm on March 28, 2013 by Fennux

Hello everyone,


This is an important announcement to aid in reassuring users that The Fennux Breedable is attempting to meet the needs of the Fennux breeders by addressing a sizable concern over the topic of Tier Upgradation.


We have gotten a good amount of feedback from users recently showcasing example trees that have upgraded in an odd manner (T1 + T1 = T3 [that had only one t2 in the background]). At face value this is obviously a bad thing, as people start to think “hey, we don’t need T2 or T3 to get T3, T1 works great!” – which is not the case, as these examples happened 2 times ever, but it’s better for us to address this now than later.


We too agree with the breeders as these occasional oddities may not be good for the economy, and they help spread rumors, so we have since made a few minor tweaks to avoid those oddities in the future, and have made sure that “higher purity tree upgradations” are more beneficial than before, effectively enhancing the breeding skill end of the spectrum. (breeding skill based on our breeding guide shown here: http://www.fennux.com/breeding-info).


From now on there won’t be any crazy “Double Jump Upgradations” happening. For example, we have seen 2 cases (out of hundreds of thousands of examples) where a pair of T1 Fennux have made a T3 (with only one T2 in the background). This sort of thing is now eliminated from occuring.


We are not saying that you must breed for pures to succeed, we have not changed our code so much that it’s eliminating any sort of breeding strategies, we’re merely enhancing one strategy that has been recommended to users by us on the Breeding Info Page since it’s inception.


Keep in mind this will not be an instant change, mainly because it takes 5 days for a pair of Fennux to breed, and no we did not drastically change the breeding code so that all pure T2 Fennux will start popping out T3 in such a manner that causes issues with the secondary market (flooding), it’s very minor yet will be surprisingly helpful.


The changes we have made will only better the Fennux Economy, making sure that hard work and the following of our breeding guide allows breeders to reap rewards over time. By ensuring T3 Fennux are coming from the labor of a skilled breeding strategy, and not from random T1 Fennux, the market can only increase as users regain faith in our breeding algorithm – which is now enhancing skill breeding. (random breeding is still just as beneficial as before, although people may want to start looking into purifying some of their lines as well)


It is nice to randomly get something good out of nowhere, but we feel this should not be a key part of the actual breedable game, we like to reserve luck/chance for other areas such as (Wishing, Crafting, etc.), while enhancing the skill aspect of the breedable.


Obviously we do not guarantee your success with every single breeding outcome after the addition of our slight tweaking, but we expect that you will find your Fennux and other people’s Fennux to be more successful in upgrading tiers from this point forward.


Again, please follow our breeding info guide for the best possible outcome! There is no “wrong way to breed”, but there are ways to better your chances of upgrading. It’s different from Coats, Ears/Tail/Hair, and Eyes/Whiskers (and that guide helps point out those ways)


We have already ran 70,000+ tests of our adjusted algorithm to ensure it’s working as intended, and we are quite happy with the results. (private simulation tests)


Further Clarification: Please understand that this is not “killing the value of offspring”, as offspring will still be just as beneficial as before (only two users will notice a difference in offspring breeding, as only two users ever had something crazy like a double jump happen). Something like T1 + T1 = T2 is still possible with a T2 in the background, but something like T1 + T1 = T3 is not possible with just a T2 in the background, as it’s seen by most as too much of a reward. If you want a chance at T3 coming out from offspring, make sure there is T3 involved somewhere, and the more the better. Our algorithm needs to think you are trying to make T3, or trying to make T2 before it starts to give you that ability, and something like T1 + T1 with T2 in the background is not telling our algorithm that you want T3, it’s telling it you want T2 at best.


We want to thank each and every user for their understanding, and of course thank the users who have provided us such feedback to help with decision making. Happy breeding!


Thank you,
-Team Fennux

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