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Fennux Web Market pricing policy

Posted at 3:02 am on February 8, 2013 by Fennux

Please double check that all of your Live Fennux and Fennux Dens on “Web Market” are actually set for sale.


We will be using a Blacklist that blocks “repeat offenders” from listing Fennux on the Web Market. If we get multiple reports that your Fennux are on the Web Market but not for sale, and there is no easy way for a user to actually buy your Fennux, we will be inclined to place your name on the Web Market Blacklist for as long as your Live Fennux / Fennux Dens are showing up on the Web Market but are not for sale.


This includes Fennux that are “taking offers”. You are not allowed to list a Fennux to “Take Offers” on Web Market, please use another form of advertising to take offers over time. We want the Web Market to be for instant sales, or at a live auction, or at least Bid Board sales that have a set time limit.


This includes Fennux listed on Web Market that are in areas that people cannot Teleport to with ease due to Security¬† Orbs or land that doesn’t let you “TP Anywhere”, etc.
This includes setting a Fennux “Contents” for sale, instead of the entire object for sale.


So here is what we need everyone to do:
Visit http://www.fennux.com/market/Firstname.Lastname (change Firstname and Lastname to your avatar name in SL, with a period (.) separating the first and last name.


OR you can visit http://www.fennux.com/market (while you are logged in to My Fennux) and it will give you a link to click at the bottom of the page to click automatically! :)


OR you can visit http://www.fennux.com/market and in the drop down for Sellers, select your name alone and hit the Find Fennux button


And make sure your Dens and Fennux are as per our policy described above.


…And that’s all you need to do! If you place Fennux for “crazy high prices” just to get around this blacklist, it will be up to Team Fennux to decide if we should blacklist all of your Fennux or not, so please do not try to “cheat the system”, we get complaints daily about people’s Fennux that are on the Web Market and not for sale. :(


Keep in mind we will not blacklist users forever! We will however blacklist users for as long as we find Web Market rules being broken. All we need is for users to obey our rules/regulations, and that’s it.


Thank you for your understanding. We will give until February 14th for people to adjust their Web Market Listings accordingly.


Policy amendment on 27th April 2013: To allow customers to specify background information like “Arctic DOS” or “10 Antlers in BG” or¬† “Mother of Caution” we are also showing the name of the Den/Fennux in the web market listing. How ever you should not use this feature to display the price of the Den/Fennux like “5k Static” or “Arctic 125″ or in any other fashion which in fact is conveying the information about the price for that Den or Fennux. Violation of this part of the policy faces the same consequences stated above.


-Team Fennux

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