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Congratulations Gold Pack Winners!

Posted at 11:38 pm on November 30, 2012 by Fennux

Hey everyone,


As most of you may know – we decided to give away up to 25 Gold Packs to users who found bugs that Team Fennux deemed worthy of receiving a Gold Pack. That being said, here are the 25 distinct winners in no particular order:


1. Olympia Oakleaf
2. Winterharte Resident
3. Jeauno wind
4. Allen Seaside
5. Des Eyre
6. Kazeko Tachikawa
7. Famous Omegamu
8. Marg007 collas
9. Berry Birdsong
10. Bridgette Dalgleish
11. Senjata Witt
12. Averyshy Resident
13. Kaya Nacht
14. Marhi Snoodle
15. Kitekate2807 McMinnar
16. Succubus Vyper
17. Moonwoman Guardian
18. Peewee Musytari
19. Christophe Chiantelle
20. Gabrielle Finistair
21. Petzi Yoshikawa
22. Kitkatyani Resident
23. Cheltier Resident
24. Kraven Gothly
25. BlazeAbsurdity Resident


Congratulations to all of the winners, you guys and gals who have been seeking out bugs for us (whether you’re on this list or not) are what helps shape this product, and we at Team Fennux want to give a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you.


Winners need not do a thing for right now, you will NOT be receiving “pre-order gold packs”, rather after launch, Regular Gold Starter Packs – most likely in the form of Gift Cards to our CasperVEND system – so at a later date (we’ll keep you updated when) you will simply wear the Gift Card and click on the “BUY” button to get delivered the Regular Gold Starter Pack, free of charge. :)


-Team Fennux

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