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Final Beta, Pre-Launch, Pricing Info.

Posted at 6:56 am on November 30, 2012 by Fennux

Hey everyone,



Final Beta is ending and the deletion process should have started in-world already. Please delete all Fennux Beta Items including but not limited to HUD, Hydrater, Home, Dens, Live Fennux, etc. Anything from BETA should automatically delete itself or corrupt itself. The easiest way to get through this is to simply delete all of your Fennux Beta Items manually, or just let our automated process handle deletion by keeping fennux items rezzed out in-world.



The Fennux Pre-Launch will be occurring within the next 24 hours. Please stay away from sponsor sims and our main store until you hear further notice from us about what’s going on. We will provide exact details about delivery at a later time, so please check back here often to see if there is any updates from us. :)


Also, if you pre-ordered the Fennux you will have noticed each starter pack comes with “1 week of food” for all of the Fennux contained in the pack. It’s time for us to finally let out this secret: All Pre-Order Packs will come with Double The Food for all of the Fennux contained inside the packs. Pre-Order Starter Packs will simply ship out with double the food inside, you do not need to do anything special in order to receive the extra food. :)


(Note: This is for Pre-Order Starter Packs, not regular Starter Packs.)



Standard Homes

Fennux – Saharan Home L$295/ea

Fennux – Western Home L$295/ea

Fennux – Polar Home L$295/ea

Fennux – Eastern Home L$295/ea

Fennux – Amazon Home L$295/ea


Hydrated Homes

Fennux – Hydrated Saharan Home L$745/ea

Fennux – Hydrated Western Home L$745/ea

Fennux – Hydrated Polar Home L$745/ea

Fennux – Hydrated Eastern Home L$745/ea

Fennux – Hydrated Amazon Home L$745/ea


Fennux Food

Dish – 1 Fennux for 2 weeks L$105/ea

Dish – 1 Fennux for 4 weeks L$195/ea

Dish – 4 Fennux for 4 weeks L$769/ea

Dish – 8 Fennux for 4 weeks L$1515/ea

Dish – 20 Fennux for 4 weeks L$3695/ea


Reserve Food

L$7 per fennux per day (L$196 per fennux per 28 days)


NPC Fennux

NPC Fennux L$1995/ea


Dueling Arenas

Fennux – Dueling Arena L$995/ea

Fennux – Saharan Dueling Arena L$995/ea

Fennux – Western Dueling Arena L$995/ea

Fennux – Polar Dueling Arena L$995/ea

Fennux – Eastern Dueling Arena L$995/ea

Fennux – Amazon Dueling Arena L$995/ea


Instant Healing

Healer Fennux L$295/ea


Eternal Petting

Fennux – Eternal Pet Crystal L$495/ea


Bronze Starter Pack

1 Fennux, 1 Saharan Home, 1 week of Food L$995/ea


Silver Starter Pack

2 Fennux, 1 Saharan Home, 1 week of Food L$1795/ea


Gold Starter Pack

4 Fennux, 1 Saharan Home, 1 week of Food L$3395/ea


Platinum Starter Pack

8 Fennux, 1 Saharan Home, 1 week of Food L$6395/ea


Diamond Starter Pack

20 Fennux, 3 Saharan Homes, 1 week of Food L$13995/ea



That’s about it for now, thanks for being patient with us, keep checking this site for updates!

-Team Fennux

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