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T10 Recipe Issues

Posted at 7:33 am on October 18, 2021 by Fennux

Hey folks,


Two people have brought this to our attention – the T10 Recipes are not showing up in-world properly, sometimes being named improperly or sometimes showing the wrong texture, etc.


Daemon started looking into this, and he’s thinking that there’s an issue in the LSL code that translates the server/database code. The current thought is that there is not proper support for 2 digit numbers for recipe tiers.. so 1-9 would work fine, but 10+ will not work.


Sometimes in LSL we use a “find a needle in a haystack” situation for strings. The recipe is named “Crafting Recipe 10B”, so my thought is the coders for Fennux did this without foresight that we’d hit double digits (weird, i know), and grabbed the “last 2 characters” from the recipe name to determine what recipe textures to load. Since the last 2 characters are “0B”, it’s trying to load in “0B”… there is no 0B…


Our current quick fix is to try and make a “0B” which will be a duplicate of 10B… and of course 10A, 10C and 10D (0A, 0C, 0D)… and we’ll just kind of sit back and see if it works.


If it doesn’t work, the backup quick fix is customizing the Crafting Machine to not require a physical set of the 4 recipe pieces for the Tier 10 Mystery Fennux.


If that doesn’t work (it will), we would have to issue an update (Fennux 3.1 or something along those lines) with the fix, but that’s a big process for just a single issue – we try to lump as many new changes into an update as possible since it can be a hassle for people.


SO, that’s about it for now, just know we’re working on it – and rest assured that we will have some sort of resolution shortly. Or heck, maybe the “0A, 0B, 0C, 0D” situation worked… but that doesn’t solve T11, T12, etc…


Thanks folks,

-Team Fennux

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