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Optional Paid LEs

Posted at 9:59 am on October 2, 2021 by Fennux



We have wanted to add a Paid L$ option to our Fennux LEs for quite some time. That time has come!


Not only that, we’re including Guaranteed Limited Edition Eyes (“Harvestmoon”) that are only available on this Paid L$ option.


We still have an LE eye that sits in the wishing well, that is ONLY AVAILABLE from the wishing well, we wanted to keep that separate on purpose! This keeps things fair all around.


These Paid LEs have similar outcomes as the “12 different dens dropped into the Wishing Well” outcomes. (Tier 7 or Tier 8 coats with a chance at traits.)


HOW MUCH: We are pricing it at L$875 just like our Fawns Paid LEs. (Oh, and Fennux Vendors still give 15% back after purchase.)


WHERE: You can find these new Paid LEs on the PayHUD region at the Fennux Area.


-Team Fennux

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