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Two Tier10s Unearthed!

Posted at 9:10 am on September 25, 2021 by Fennux



We have seen 2 different Tier10s show up in the Fennux Group Chat as of recent. Pictured above is the Saharan Coral (Left) and the Western Uprising (Right).


We just wanted to give everyone an update on what these coats are looking like, and we will continue to post them on the news section of the Fennux Website as time goes on. (We wait for the person who initially discovers the coat to post it publicly in The Fennux group chat, and then we show it off here. It’s only fair!)


There are still 5 more Tier10 coats that no one has even touched yet. Keep at it breeders, you’ll have them all unearthed soon enough!


-Team Fennux

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