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Q&A @ Jody’s Fennux Farm (9/22)

Posted at 7:52 pm on September 20, 2012 by Fennux


Hey everyone!


September 22, 2012 (this Saturday), Team Fennux will be at Jody’s Fennux Farm during their Fall Festival event! We will start the Q&A at 2:00PM SLT, but the entire event will be going on from 2pm – 9pm SLT.


Make sure to mark your calendars for the event, I hear there are going to be lots of fun things going on the entire day, live entertainment, haunted house, pumpkin hunt, palm reader, raffles and prizes, etc.


If you are new to Fennux, and you want to learn more about Fennux – make sure to come to this event. You will be sure to learn lots. I’m assuming we’re slotted 1 full hour of time for this QnA so we will try and start on time, and finish quickly. it’ll most likely be a voice QnA to keep things going super fast since our QnAs can easily last 2+ hours normally, haha.


LOCATION: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Canadian%20Country%20Westerner/56/211/23

Fennux Q&A TIME: 2:00 PM SLT

DATE: September 22, 2012


ALSO, keep checking back and keep your date planners open for the month of October. We are sponsoring and/or taking part in a lot of events in the middle of October, so keep checking up on http://www.fennux.com/news often! :)



Thanks for reading,

-Team Fennux

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