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Posted at 6:50 am on July 11, 2020 by Fennux

Hey folks,


Daemon here – and I just wanted to let everyone know that I formed a new LLC (Limited Liability Company) to wrap around Fennux, Fawns, PayHUD and future SL-related productions.

What does this mean to you? Pretty much nothing, other than that you’ll see “LEXI GAMES” at the top of the website, as well as “Copyright 2020 Lexi Games LLC” at the bottom of the website.


We’re building a brand – so when you hear “Lexi Games” you’ll hopefully think of Fennux, Fawns and PayHUD – it’s really just to tie things together. We wanted to put everything under one roof, so to speak.


Why “Lexi Games”? Well, we primarily make breedable pet games, but we got to the word “Lexi” after starting with the word “Light” since we operate on a lean business model. Not available. We tried condensing it to “Lite”, and that too was not available. We translated it to the Latin variant “Lux”, because Daemon is edgy. Still not available. We added an I to make “Luxi” but decided that a simple vowel change to Lexi sounded best. SO, Lexi Games LLC is what we’re dealing with today.


Now, back to development…



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