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UPDATE: Internal Testing / Affiliates

Posted at 4:55 pm on September 16, 2012 by Fennux


Hey everyone!



We have been actively testing our product to ensure it’s indeed ready for Private Beta. As you can see by the above image, well – we’ve been doing a lot of Internal Testing! So far everything is going quite well. Pairing Fennux to breed is working, Den Creation is working, Crafting Fennux is working, Fennux are linking to homes properly, pretty much everything is going smoothly! We’re still making minor last minute adjustments to Hovertext (see above, haha), as well as some minor particle tweaks for showing a visual “range” / “radius” around certain objects that require it. To sum things up, we’re very happy with the progress we’ve made these past 2 weeks and we expect to be getting our Private Beta out to the public very soon. I know it’s tough being patient, but hang in there everyone – we at Team Fennux promise you that you will not be disappointed. :)


(You might be wondering why we have so many dens in the above picture, it’s because we have amped up our breeding to happen much quicker in our Internal Testing. These testing Fennux were made to pop out dens at an unprecedented rate to help get an idea of odds / make sure we have no issues with our database server(s). Try not to freak out by the massive amounts of hovertext seen in picture above, haha.)



If you are not participating in the Affiliate Program – you are missing out. We have seen well over L$100,000 paid out to our affiliates in under 3 weeks time! Make sure to get your FREE pack of affiliate Kiosks by visiting the Fennux Sim today.


How do the Kiosks work? Rez one out at a popular location that you have rights to rez at, and when someone clicks your Fennux Kiosk (so long as they have not already clicked another user’s Kiosk), we record your name and their name into a database. Whenever that user purchases a Pre-Order Pack of Fennux – you will receive 10% commission on whatever they order! And not just their first order, all orders until launch will be 10% commission to you! :)


So that’s all of the news for today, we’ll be posting more shortly so please stay tuned to this website. Thanks! :)


-Team Fennux

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