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SL Name Change Update

Posted at 8:05 am on June 28, 2020 by Fennux

Hey folks!


As most of you know by now, Second Life added the ability to change the entire username if you pay for Premium and an additional $40 USD per change. This is different than the free ability to change your display name (which you can still do), but the actual “Username Resident” account can be changed into… “Username Starlight” for example.


Our underlying code handled this fairly well – we store UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers) and reference them for almost everything. Nothing too major broke when SL started allowing for people to change their names, but a few features stopped working:



-My Fennux displaying incorrect Logs/Lives

-http://fennux.com/<ID> pages with the wrong Owner Name

-HUD displaying wrong Owner Name

-The list goes on…


I can safely say that we’ve been able to resolve all of the above issues and more, so on our end it looks quite safe to change your name on SL and not have to worry about your Fennux (or Fawns for that matter) having any issues.


If anyone notices new bugs popping up, feel free to message Daemon Blackflag in-world and we’ll get it figured out, but for now no one is reporting any issue, and our test account seems to be doing fine as well.


It’s almost the 1st of the month, so look forward to new LEs!

-Team Fennux

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