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Updates (Testing/ACS/CSRs)

Posted at 2:13 pm on September 9, 2012 by Fennux

Hey everyone! Giving you a bit of news from the front lines of Team Fennux.


Internal Testing:

Our staff have been internally testing our pre-beta product daily, and our team has been updating, tweaking, and reconfiguring bits and pieces of code to make sure our product is going to be more-or-less pristine by the time it winds up in the hands of our Pre-Order customers (to the best of our ability).


The Fennux appear to be eating from the food properly, they are digging up crafting recipes, they are breeding, they are pairing, everything seems great thus far. We had a few minor hiccups with our homes – but we already have implemented a new technology which guarantees a Fennux to always go to the closest home that has room for it, so all is starting to shape up nicely. Our “Packs” (guilds/groups) functionality is working great, our breeding / crafting / dueling experience bars are increasing respectively, which reminds me to speak on our HUD for a bit…


The Fennux HUD is easily one of the most feature-rich breedable HUDs out there, we can’t wait to show it off! For starters our HUD is free, it’s user friendly, and has helpful features that really define us as a breedable game. It’s separated into 4 major tabs, “ME”, “INFO”, “CONFIG” and “DUEL” – with a “WEB” tab and an “ARROWS TAB” used for opening Fennux.com at any time, and showing/hiding the HUD from view.


The “ME” tab enables users to track their breeding/crafting/dueling experience levels, check up on their Reserve Food and FNX Point balances, manage their Pack Options, and more. “INFO” tab shows you everything you need to know about a Fennux, including buttons to IM the owner of the Fennux you’re inspecting, as well as visit the Fennux Details page on the web with a simple mouse click. The “CONFIG” tab lets you take care of any configurable options for the currently selected Fennux, including name changes, mate pairing, toggling the Web Market, rebuilding, eternal merging and more. And finally we reach the “DUEL” tab, this is basically your game controller for dueling, complete with options to battle (or forfeit) and energy bars that show how much fight a Fennux has left in him or her.


Back to internal testing, the Fennux are prancing around just fine, growing properly, eating healthily, I’m very impressed by our scripting talent! We still are dateless, but I know for a fact we are progressing and nearing the completion of Internal Testing so it can be in the hands of our awesome, pioneering Pre-Order customers. Please give us a bit more time, and you’ll all be quite happy. :)


ACS Land Partnership:




CSR Positions:

We just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you that have applied for the CSR positions. We have been absolutely blown away by the overwhelming response to our advert and we are literally drowning in applications.


We had initially indicated we would be interviewing each and everyone of you as we thought we would only have a handful to do. We were wrong. Haha.


At this stage, we are reading through all of the applications and are reviewing them, and will need some time (no ETA yet) before we will be selecting those people we wish to interview in person.


So hang in there, give us a bit more time, and the CSRs will be taken care of shortly.


That’s all for now, continue checking our news for more updates regarding Fennux, Fennux Beta, and of course the Fennux Launch. :)

-Team Fennux

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